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Let's shake some action!

Take a dive into the glory that is Power-Pop - from the 1970s to the present day...
Let's shake some action!
The second installment of our twice-monthly streaming music show. Just for Premium Supporters!

Once more into the breach, dear readers. Or, should I say "listeners?"

The debut installment of the Wicked Messenger Radio Show was a musical potluck, but this one (which can be found at the bottom of this page) is our first-ever themed show. And once more, it's ONLY for those of you who have seen fit to support the site and newsletter at the paid, Premium Tier.


The annoying microphone issues which plagued our first episode have been remedied, and this one sounds much smoother to my ears. Hopefully you will all agree. There are 20 different songs by 20 different artists contained in this latest "adventure in Hi-Fi," and as always, I sincerely hope you enjoy both the music and the information contained therein. And, that the show points you in the direction of some artists and genres that you were perhaps unfamiliar with before now, and can now dig into much deeper on your own.

Don't forget that these shows are available to listen to whenever you feel like it. So, a few weeks or months from now, if you wish to revisit any of them, just head over here to the website, scroll back to find the particular episode you are looking for, and it will be waiting on you.

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